The Care Experience Surveys are designed to reflect the patient/client point of view on the quality of services delivered. Click the first button below for more details about our ongoing survey about primary care.


My Community at a Glance provides data on health outcomes and determinants to build healthier communities. The Population Health Snapshot has been developed to inform New Brunswickers about their health, provincially and by health zone.


The NBHC measures care experience using its six dimensions of quality and how individuals move through the health system. The Health System Report Card was developed to highlight this relationship and how well the New Brunswick health system is doing. The report presenting the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Diabetes Education Centres Across the Province of New Brunswick assesses the delivery of services for patients with diabetes in New Brunswick. To learn more about the NBHC’s six dimensions of quality, click here.

A sustainable health system is a challenge that is being faced across the country. The NBHC is developing a sustainability analysis model to outline New Brunswick’s position when facing this challenge.  
New Brunswickers have a right to be aware of the decisions being made, to be part of the decision making process and to be aware of the health outcomes achieved by health care programs and their cost.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
The NBHC is launching its second survey about primary health for New Brunswick citizens to see if any improvements have been made to primary health services from three years ago.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
The NBHC is launching 33 community profiles, entitled My Community at a Glance, that offers information to build healthier communities.
Monday, March 24, 2014
The NBHC is releasing a report which evaluates and identifies effective practices designed to improve health service quality and outcomes in New Brunswick's diabetes clinics.