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Health system expenditures

In New Brunswick, total public sector health expenditures are a combination of the entire Department of Health's budget and part of the Department of Social Development’s budget.

In 2013-2014, these expenditures amounted to $3.39 billion. They make up the biggest share of the annual provincial budget at 41%. In comparison, Education and Training (the second-biggest expenditure) received $1.82 billion (22% of the provincial budget). [1] 

Top five health expenditures

The biggest share (almost half) of the $3.39 billion invested in health is going into providing hospital services. This includes services such as emergency services, surgeries and tests (e.g. medical imaging and laboratory tests). The other top health expenditures are Long Term Care services, physician salaries, the Prescription Drug Program and ambulance services.

Expenditure Total cost (in millions) % of total health spending Cost per capita Department
1. Hospital services
All services provided in hospitals, including emergency services, surgeries and tests (excluding physician salaries)
$1,486 43.8% $1,966 Health
2. Long Term Care services
In-home services, special care homes and nursing homes
$582 17.2% $770 Social Development
3. Physician salaries
Physicians working in hospitals, offices, after-hours clinics, home care, etc.
$574 16.9% $760 Health
4. Prescription Drug Program $172 5.1% $227 Health
5. Ambulance services $96 2.8% $127 Health

Projected expenditures

A major issue with health expenditures is that they are projected to increase at a rate that is not sustainable. In 2012, in collaboration with the NBHC, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries projected increases at an annual average of 4.4% based on current pressures (split as 1.3% for aging, 1.1% for increased utilization and technology, and 2% for inflation). [2][3]

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